GroupWise Migrator to Exchange and Exchange Online. GroupWise® Migrator for Exchange provides successful migration results by removing complexity, accelerating your transition and mitigating the risk of data loss and downtime.

It quickly and accurately migrates email, calendars, tasks, personal address books, frequent contacts, archives, recurring meetings, and more, in less time than you thought possible.

For an accurate and seamless migration, trust GroupWise Migrator to:

  • Collect mailbox and archive information for pre-migration planning
  • Migrate multiple mailboxes simultaneously
  • Automate administrative tasks
  • Transition data directly to hosted platforms
  • Protect the integrity of each user's mailbox
  • Preserve GroupWise recurring and custom recurring appointments in Exchange

Latest Version  includes pre-migration discovery of mailbox and archive information, enhanced administrative options, and improved Office 365 support—for the most efficient migration possible.


Pre-Migration Assessment

Collect mailbox and archive information for more accurate migration planning.



Finish Fast

Transition multiple mailboxes simultaneously with a multi-threaded migration engine to reduce project costs
and timelines. You can also install multiple migration
consoles to increase scalability..


Auto Process

Automate administrative tasks, such as mailbox creation, and advanced mail routing options to reduce IT work time and ensure migration tasks occur in proper sequence.


Mailbox Integrity

Preserve valuable email information, including dates, times, formatting and attachments. GroupWise Migrator for Exchange provides a complete address translation, enabling users to reply/reply all to migrated messages without editing addresses. You can also preserve proxy and folder rights while accurately migrating shared folders, personal address books and folder structures, maintaining a familiar messaging experience for end users..





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