Lotus Notes

Ensure Lotus Notes Migration to Microsoft Technologies. With IceFire's Software migration solutions you can:

  • Analyze – Mitigate migration risks with detailed pre-migration assessments.
  • Migrate – Save time and budget by migrating from IBM Lotus with Zero impact on end users, less risk and fewer resources than you thought possible.
  • Coexist – Maintain business productivity by ensuring seamless coexistence of email between Notes and Exchange.
  • Rebuild – Reduce transition time and costs by rapidly rebuilding complex applications in SharePoint.
  • Manage – Reduce administration time and meet SLAs with tools for managing, recovering, understanding, discovering and developing your new Microsoft environment.


Pre-Migration Analysis

IceFire helps you reduce the time, cost and risk of your Lotus Notes migration, as well as control its scope, with detailed pre-migration assessments.



Complete a  migration from Lotus to Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, Lync and Office 365 with confidence everything
will be right where it needs to be faster than you ever imagined.



IceFire helps you maintain business productivity by ensuring coexistence between Lotus Notes and Microsoft technologies.



Reduce the time required to rebuild complex Lotus Notes applications in SharePoint by up to 80 percent.





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