As demand grows for accessible, efficient and mobile IT working, the problem of business security increases exponentially.  Tablet devices and smart technology have permanently changed the way we expect to work, but addressing the risks they pose must become a priority, and fast. Threats need to be truly understood, policies updated and tools deployed to protect corporate data.


Agile business security

As IT services advance to support businesses better, the profile of malicious security attacks change.  A framework of policy, process, technology and auditing needs to exist to protect each IT component from external threats such as Trojans, Botnet, DDoS, Phishing, Malware, Click Jacking and Cross-site Scripting. These attacks are delivered via USB, website, email, and increasingly, the vulnerabilities of smartphone working. The probability of internal data breaches only increases as businesses grow in size and across locations.
IceFire Global combines policy, service and technology to ensure the right balance between security and business flexibility.  IceFire Global is highly experienced with heavily regulated companies, providing external, auditable IT services that meet a wide range of standards.


Disaster recovery planning

A defined and robust plan to manage the process of restoring applications and data back to users and customers is no longer optional. Pressures to deliver as part of a business-to-business supply chain or providing a consumer service means downtime is not an option.  
Such necessity has driven investment in the transformation of IT services, enabling both resilience and an upgraded service capability.  IT services can be designed to be highly available, moved to the cloud or protected (in a more traditional way) to provide quick recovery.  Management and automation tools provide seamless IT service availability and the execution of accessible recovery procedures.