Migrations & Consolidations

Whether driven by a merger, acquisition, organizational change or a need to upgrade or change platforms, you can trust IceFire Global to help you mitigate the risk of migrations, consolidations or restructuring – with minimal impact to IT. Wether you need mailboxes migrated to Exchange, users migrated to Active Directory or data migrated to SharePoint, IceFire global has the experience to ensure your move is seamless, fast and stress-free. 


Migrating is a great idea - bit without a plan in place, you'll be overwhelmed AND over budget. See how best to prepare for a successful migration.

Exchange Pre-Migration Assessment

A successful Exchange migration means having a solid plan in place. We’ll help you with a pre-migration assessment to
identify where your resources are best used. You can also capture Exchange configuration settings for pre- and post-migration comparisons.

Active Directory, Windows Server & LDAP Pre-Migration Assessment

Don’t even consider a Windows Server or Active Directory migration before pre-migration analysis. We can help you ensure rights, trusts and disk space are available to successfully complete your migration. You can also capture Active Directory configuration settings and inventory LDAP queries for pre- and post-migration comparisons.

SharePoint Pre-Migration Assessment Unsure what’s in your environment?

Our solutions give you a solid, accurate pre-migration assessment of your SharePoint environment, so you can properly plan your migration and be sure to finish the job on time and under budget. You can also capture SharePoint configuration settings for pre- and post-migration comparisons.

Notes Email Pre-Migration Analysis

Don’t leave your Lotus Notes email migration project to chance. Perform pre-migration analysis of your Notes email to properly plan for your transition and identify non-essential data that doesn’t need to be migrated, making your migration faster and less expensive.

Notes Application Pre-Migration Analysis

Lotus Notes applications can be tricky to migrate – so performing due diligence is a must. We can help with a pre-migration analysis to determine migration effort and where development resources are needed, helping to accurately estimate project costs.

Connections Pre-Migration Assessment

Easily discover what social data is available in your IBM Lotus Connections environment and evaluate what social data you want to move to SharePoint.



Whether you’re consolidating, restructuring, upgrading or migrating platforms, trust Icefire to provide a safe and budget-friendly migration with minimum impact on end users, IT and productivity.

Active Directory Migration, Consolidation, Restructuring & Refresh

Accelerate and simplify your migration from NT or Active Directory to Active Directory with ZeroIMPACT on end users, IT and productivity.

Novell NDS to Active Directory Migration & Consolidation

Migrating Novell Directory Services to Active Directory? With IceFire, migrating files and directories – as well as complete accounts, groups and organizational units – is fast, easy and automated.

Exchange Migration, Consolidation, Restructuring & Refresh

Accelerate and simplify your migration to Exchange with minimul impact on end users, IT and productivity.

Exchange Upgrade

Upgrade to the newest Exchange platform with the ability to stage and schedule users, track progress throughout the project and view accurate statistics upon completion.

Exchange to Office 365 Migrations

Easily migrate from on-premises Exchange to Office 365, the newest Microsoft cloud platform.

Gmail to Office 365/Live@edu Migrations

Mitigate the risk of migrating Google Gmail to Microsoft’s Office 365/Live@edu, including email, contacts and calendar items from Google Apps.

Notes Email to Exchange & Office 365 Migrations

Simplify and accelerate your Notes email to Exchange/Office 365 migration with Minimal impact on user productivity.

Lotus Notes to SharePoint Migrations

Lotus Notes applications can be tricky to migrate. We’ve got the tools to simplify your most complex migration with less risk, high data fidelity and fewer development resources.

Novell GroupWise to Microsoft Exchange Migrations

Make sure your GroupWise to Exchange migration is fast, accurate, on schedule and on budget. Our  solutions mean user productivity stays high, downtime and data loss stay low and your IT staff isn’t overburdened.

Consolidate Unix, Linux & Mac OS X Identities

Your Unix, Linux and Mac OS X systems don’t have to be outcasts in your Active Directory environment. We’ll show how to make these disparate systems full citizens under Active Directory.



Migrations don't happen overnight - sometimes you need two platforms to work together for an extended period of time. We've go the solutions to make it happen.

Lotus Notes and Exchange Email Coexistence

Need to make Exchange and Lotus Notes peacefully coexist for an extended period of time? With our solutions, it's easier than you think. See how these disparate platforms can work as one.

Coexistence between Exchange Organizations

Whether due to a merger, acquisition, divestiture or simple reorganization, sometimes you need multi-forest Exchange environments to work together. We'll show you how to do it - while preserving security and keeping end user productivity high.

Novell GroupWise & Exchange Coexistence

Synchronize directories, provide free/busy lookups and ensure proper calendar scheduling between platforms to maintain end-user productivity.



After the migration, get the most out of your Microsoft platform investments. Icefire helps you reduce administration time and meet SLAs with solutions for automation, recovery, auditing and development.

Compliance & IT Governance.

Assess, audit, alert and remediate to reduce risk and maintain and prove compliance in your Windows infrastructure. With IceFire, you can take control of your environment to gain visibility into your environment's current state; track changes against a baseline state; prevent changes made to critical systems; and remediate problems before they get out of control.

IceFire Global - The Mark Of Excellence

IceFire makes it easy to securely manage and protect applications, systems, devices and data to help organizations of all sizes fully deliver on the promise of technology. Our simple yet powerful software - combined with hardware and services - provide scalable, integrated solutions to drive value and accelerate results. Whether it's Windows infrastructure, the cloud and mobile computing, or networks and databases, we dramatically reduce complexity and risk to unlock the power of IT.

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